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Posted on Behalf of Steve Burgos:

Coming to Agency Entourage as an intern was a little scary in the beginning because this was my first internship experience. However, I soon realized that my fears were misplaced. Everyone in the office may have projects that they are working on but I was never turned down when asking a question. The people at Agency Entourage are so friendly and outgoing that it can be easy to forget that you are in an office.

This is not the traditional office setting by any means. I was not placed in a small cubicle. It’s an environment that fosters collaboration. There are sets of tables that give you your own space, but make talking to the person next to you very easy. This type of environment allowed me to get feedback on the work I was doing and go around to speak with others.

I had never been to downtown by myself before my internship and in the beginning I would get lost despite the fact that I used a GPS. However, coming here has made me familiar with the city environment and I now feel comfortable walking around on my own. Every Friday I would walk to Jimmy Johns and get my usual: BLT, chips, and a cookie. It was nice being able to go out for lunch and bring back my food to the office. Not only did this walk relax me but it also helped me take in the whole experience of what it was like to work in the city.

It was interesting to learn about the different aspects of social media marketing. For example, I learned about the process by which Interactive Producers help their clients create a presence online. I was even able to help do research for a pitch to a potential client. It was really cool when I obtained my very own Google Analytics certificate along with everyone else in the office. Not only did I work with the social media side of marketing, but I was able to get some experience in graphic design on Adobe Illustrator. There are so many parts to this machine that I am sure that I was not able to take in all of the different aspects of digital marketing. AE is not your usual digital marketing agency, they have a lot under their belt. Since I have been here they have won awards and even brought in someone from Al Dia. This helped me understand what is going on right now within hispanic marketing. It was very impressive to see an agency take into account the opportunities in a diverse marketplace.

Learning how to create content such as blogs was a big part of my internship. While researching topics and ideas, I was able to learn about different industries such as housing, credit unions and sustainable living. Blogging has actually been one of the more fun assignments that I was able to do. I am even considering making my own blog site now that I have had practice in the real world. Blogging has given me the necessary skills to be a strong writer no matter what I do. While it may seem that writing a lot would get boring, it really was not that bad. I would always get a new topic to write about within a new industry. This was an interesting way to develop my writing skills as a blogger.

It is unfortunate that my journey has ended with these wonderful people. There are many exciting events happening here at Agency Entourage. For example, the coming together with Numantra. The office is expanding to the whole floor; new and amazing people are coming in to the office. Although I have only known some of these individuals for a short period of time, it seems that they will fit in perfectly with the environment. I have had so much fun talking to all the cool friends that I made at here at the office. This was more than just an internship, this was an experience that helped me understand how these innovative communication methods are helping businesses succeed. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to experience the AE lifestyle and would recommend this internship to anyone who wants to get to know more about the digital marketing industry.

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