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It’s rare to say that you’re the first of something, but I’m proud to say that I’m the first graduate school intern at Agency Entourage.

A cornerstone in the Master’s of Advertising program is to go out into the world to both learn and apply our unique skill sets. I knew that if I were to make the most of my grad school experience, I needed to find a company that could match my passion; and I found that at Agency Entourage, a digital marketing agency just a stone’s throw away from campus in the heart of downtown Dallas.

At AE, I found a company that could tick off all the boxes on my company wish list. Great people? Check. Work-life balance? Check. Surprise visits from employees’ dogs? Big check.

There’s not a cubicle to be found anywhere in the office. AE is all about openness and encourages everyone to be a team. The collaborative and friendly spirit at AE just blows me away. We actually make Monday mornings fun and upbeat! I’m serious! Every Monday begins with a round of appreciation and complements as we all gather around for a Fireside Chat. Ultimately, we wrap up the week on Friday with a “Fire Drill,” which involves going around the room getting advice from colleagues on how to make our work even better.

There are many stereotypes about internships including: It is just a bunch of meaningless tasks; and if you’re lucky, you might do something connected to actual marketing (or a leftover doughnut from the break-room). This couldn’t be farther from the truth at AE. I was put in charge of my own long-term project of conceiving how Agency Entourage can better work with its partners through research and road maps to success. Interviewing the Interactive Producer team both exposed me to the unique business practices at AE and created relationships with the people I would have the pleasure of working with side-by-side.  Every day brought a new challenge from evaluating the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of our client’s keywords, to writing a press release when another client had exciting news.

The Texas temperature continues to rise, signaling that I’m about to graduate with my Master’s and my time as an intern at Agency Entourage is coming to an end. I know that the knowledge and experience at AE will continue to make me a better professional and leader in my field.

Are you looking for an awesome, real-world work internship? Then apply today to be an Agency Entourage intern! Send your resumes to internships@agencyentourage.com and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!

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