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Movies and television shows are famous for capturing internships in a dim light, often portraying interns as frantic and timid bystanders. Truth be told, I’m sure this exists somewhere in a place where interns are utilized for fetching coffee, making copies and stapling reports. As for me, you might ask? The past couple of months have been an exiting experience, filled with plenty of learning opportunities and exposure to the advertising industry. I still have a lot to learn with the remainder of my time at AE, but I have come a long way since I first joined the team. Follow me as I take you through my journey and share some internship insights.

Jumping In

On my first day at AE I dove head first into client meetings and projects. The team was very excited to include me in all the happenings around the office, and little did I know I would be exposed to so much only hours after arriving. If I’m being honest it was quite intimidating at first, but I am forever grateful to be led by mentors that want me to succeed.

Setting Goals For Your Internship

One of the best ways I prepared for my internship was to write down exactly what I wanted to gain from my time at Agency Entourage. This has allowed me to keep track of where I started and where I want to finish. I frequently refer back to this list and have been able to check off each goal one by one.

Ask and You Shall Receive

It can be intimidating to join a well-rounded team, but asking questions is the key to learning. On the rare occasion that you find yourself without something to do, ask and seek more. Ask how you can help in a project or ask to join a status call in order to learn more about a client. Ask about anything and everything. Whether its terminology you are unfamiliar with or tips on mastering your resume, if you never ask you’ll never know.

Use Resources

Your team is the most valuable resource you’ll have, and I’ve been lucky to work with such an amazing group of people. Our entourage is comprised of trailblazing leaders with a passion for advertising. Many, once interns themselves, have gone out of their way to guide me into the beginning steps of my career. I rely on the guidance and wisdom that they generously have passed down to me.

Having a great internship experience starts with finding the perfect place. Luckily, Agency Entourage has been the perfect match for me. If you’re interested in joining the AE family as an intern for the summer, fall or spring send your resume to internships@agencyentourage.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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