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If you find yourself asking this question, there is a good chance that no, no one is reading your blog so let’s take the time to figure out why and get some readers!

“Yaawwwn…” Yes, your blog is boring! When blogging was still a fairly new concept, you could easily get away with a simple, unexciting blog but fast forward to today – it’s not going to cut it. With so many blogs out there grabbing everyone’s attention and even turning some bloggers into local and national celebrities, you need to step your game up! People need to have a reason to come to your blog; they need to know they are going to find what they’re looking for. If your blog has a lot of text with no images, monotonous (and somewhat pretentious) writing or even an indifferent approach to the topic at hand then you need to make some changes.

Mitz Pantic, Social Media Today contributor, had some useful advice on how to overcome your boring blog, “A blog is a two-way communication…Write your posts as if you are talking to your readers. Let them know that there’s a person behind that blog of yours. Engage them by fielding questions and asking for feedback.”

If you find yourself frequent taking a “blog hiatus”, then your readers will quickly lose interest. Update your blog as regularly as you can – no matter how long or short your post may be, you need to be present for your readers. When you feel as if you have nothing to write about, just take a look at other blogs for inspiration or read our post, “Bloggers Rejoice! Check out 22 New Ways to Create Content.”

While you may never enter the realm of Perez Hilton, you can still successfully market your blog and get the exposure you need to attract more readers. First, learn how to SEO your blog and improve its ranking on the search engines. Also, take the time to find a guest blogger, which is the best way to build relationships with other bloggers and find your place in the blogging community.

So don’t let your lack of readers leave you discouraged and instead, take these suggestions seriously and change things up for better results! We’d love to hear what has worked for you so leave us a comment here or on the Agency Entourage Facebook page.

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