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Photo remixed from Bas van Uyen.

A lot of things changed in 2012, and no matter how small or big, it’s important that these changes are reflected in your social media profiles. Your online presence is like the lobby of your office; it needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Here are four “social housekeeping” tips that will get your social profiles ready for 2013.

  1. Verify your passwords. If you use a password manager or any sort of auto fill service+ to wrangle your log-in info, do an inventory of your accounts to make sure that everything matches up. This is particularly important for all Google accounts, as they have recently made some changes to the way users log in.
  2. Get visual. Has your company logo changed? Have you cut your hair or grown a mustache? Make sure that photos, backgrounds and information on your social networks are consistent and up to date. If you haven’t refreshed your profiles in a while, consider giving pages a makeover for the new year.
  3. Review permissions. Remember that plugin you used to add a fun ribbon to your twitter profile? Maybe it’s time to revoke that app’s access. Visit your Twitter application settings page to manage these. You can do the same for Facebook here.
  4. Cull the herd. If you haven’t used your Pinterest page since 2011, it’s time to shape up or ship out. There are few things worse than a vacant, dusty social profile. Either show it some love or hide it until you can give it your full attention.

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