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If you’re running your own blog or blogging for business, chances are you’re overwhelmed with promoting, well, you, but you may not have considered how important it is to take the focus off yourself and use other bloggers. Yes, step away from the computer and start thinking of who you know that is a great, even exceptional, and influential blogger.

Chances are that this blogger could be a top influencer and therefore bring you more readers. I know I’m more inclined to read a blog if it happens to feature a blogger I like. I’m drawn by the person, not the blog URL.

Are you or your company hosting an event in the near future? Event promotion is a great time to bring in guest bloggers. When your readers see these influencers talking about your event (or even better, that they will be attending), your event suddenly becomes a lot more interesting. But don’t just wait until an event rolls around to send out some guest blog inquiries. The sooner, the better.

Mashable put together a few helpful tips about blogger outreach to help you get started:

Take a Closer Look

The perfect guest bloggers might be right under your nose! Take a look at blog comments, old emails and check for Twitter mentions where a blogger may have already reached out to you. Bloggers who have made the effort to connect with you are diligent marketers and could be the ones to help get your brand seen and heard once you collaborate.

Google It 

Yes, you heard right – Google it! Did you know Google has a blog search tool? Visit Google Blog Search and search keywords relevant to your business as well as your business name. Or if you need a blog suggestion tool, try Google Reader, which will recommend blogs that address the topics that interest you or your business.

Try a Blog Directory

Blog directories, such as Technorati, can help you determine the “big” blog in your field. Once you find the top influencers, do some research then reach out to them if they are a good fit. If you think they are too “big” to connect with, search their posts for mentions of smaller, yet related blogs that you can successfully connect with. Once you have built relationships with these smaller blogs, you might have more luck getting the bigger names to blog for you.

Have you or your company successfully connected with a guest blogger? Share you experience with us in the comment section or on our Facebook page. Also, if you’re interested in guest blogging opportunities with Agency Entourage, let us know!

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