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Matthew Brink, Agency Entourage Intern, Agency Entourage

Hey everyone! My name is Matthew Brink, and I am a rising senior at Southern Methodist University with a major in Strategic Brand Management Advertising and Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. I was born and raised in Tampa, FL, and came to Dallas to study at SMU. I am so excited to be interning with Agency Entourage during my last summer of college!

A Few Passions

Two of my passions are cars and traveling. I really enjoy working on cars in my spare time, and I love to go to new places, stateside and abroad. Since I have been in college, I have worked on multiple cars, which I typically get from auctions or online in various conditions, and refurbish them for sale. I’ve always enjoyed taking the time to make something better, and this has allowed me to grow and develop my own business. I have also loved to travel with my family since I was little, and college has allowed me to see some truly amazing places. Throughout my time at SMU, I spent a January term taking a biology class in Taos, New Mexico, and a May Term in New York City the following year. I also spent a summer studying in London, and traveled throughout the UK and Europe, which was an enjoyable experience that I will never forget!

Why I Chose SMU

From the first time I set foot on the tree-lined campus and the Boulevard, I knew that Southern Methodist University was the place for me. I chose to study at SMU because it offers ample opportunities to reach internships and build connections in nearly every field of study. SMU also offers many opportunities to study abroad, of which I completed after my first year, where I spent two months in London while taking two classes. I have also taken courses in Taos, New Mexico, and New York City with SMU and enjoyed every moment at this wonderful university!

Plans for the Future

My dream job would be something that combines my passions of cars and traveling with my love for writing and meeting new people. I would like to utilize my degree to work at either an advertising agency or on the client side. I know this internship with Agency Entourage will help me gain some of the vital skills necessary for achieving this goal.

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