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Hello hello hello! I’m Jordan Gilliam, a senior from the University of North Texas, studying Advertising with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. I’m proud to say that I’m an intern on the Account Service track for Summer 2018!

So, why advertising?

My journey to a career in advertising was relatively short; I started off in Business (namely, Marketing) and completely jumped ship once I learned that I would have to take business calculus, accounting, and a plethora of other business-related math classes. I’ve always been able to express myself creatively through writing, photography, and music; during my scholastic identity crisis, my mom suggested pursuing advertising.

It was the perfect fit. After taking the one easy statistics class required of the Mayborn School of Journalism, my classes were a breeze, and I found something that I enjoyed doing. I originally started out in art direction, but, as I have progressed farther in the program, I found social media to be an exciting and constantly changing medium which I wished to work more with. Eventually, I was able to run the social media for a family-owned Italian restaurant where I had worked during high school, which gave me the confidence to pursue social media even further.

Implementing Change

With both Advertising and Women’s and Gender Studies, I want to bring change to the world of advertising by making it more diverse and inclusive in terms of race, sexuality, gender identity, etc. I hope that one day I am able to start my own agency, or work for an agency with the same forward-thinking values which I hold in my day-to-day life.

Hobbies & Interests

When I’m not trying to stay on top of the ever-changing world of social media, I’m taking pictures of both myself and my friends in weird, artsy ways, adding more records to my extensive collection, and watching 80s/90s rom-coms.

I’m looking forward to all of the opportunities and experiences that Agency Entourage has to offer, and I’m so happy that I was chosen for this internship! After I finish at Agency Entourage, I will be the social media manager in SWOOP, UNT’s on campus ad agency; I can’t wait to apply all that I’ve learned in this setting to the SWOOP atmosphere!

If you’re interested in interning at Agency Entourage, please contact internships@agencyentourage.com!

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