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I’m pretty sure I don’t need to write a blog about why it’s a good idea to use keywords in blogs. It’s the internet. If you found your way to this page, or any page for that matter, then I assume you’ve used a search engine before and probably used it to find this very blog. If you’re not using keywords, you’re not getting found.
Demon Llama It Was the Best of Times, It Was the “Insert Key Word Here”
But keywords aren’t always natural, especially if you’re writing with them in mind. Can you imagine how other writings would read if they were written for SEO? Your keywords should show up at least somewhat organically in your writing. If they don’t at all, then you may be getting too peripheral with your content. But you also probably aren’t going to get an ideal amount of keywords worked in unless you make a point of it.
You Threw Off My Groove!
But work them in after you write the blog. It’s always going to be easier to rephrase a few good lines for the sake of SEO than it is to try and write them in the first time through. The last thing a writer needs is an awkwardly placed keyword throwing off his groove.
Along with that, don’t just throw keywords around either. Use them purposefully. Be specific enough that you don’t get uninterested traffic to your page, but general enough that you get a good number of page views. Keep keywords related to each other within a singular blog post too. That way you catch as many variations of search terminology covered by your topic as possible.
Your Weird Cousin, Keyword
Keywords are your friends, not your annoying relative that you have to make room for at the blogging table. Allow for them to exist within your content as naturally as possible. Otherwise your whole blog is going to read as disingenuous.

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