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Kristine? Kirsten? Kristy? How do you say your name?

Hello, my name is Kirsty (curse-tea) Le. You may not be able to pronounce my name on the first try but when you do you’ll see that my name is one of the unique things that contribute to who I am as a person. Named after a 90s supermodel that my dad saw on a fashion magazine in the waiting room, there’s more to me than what meets the eye.

Facts About Kirsty:
I attend the University of Texas at Dallas. I’m a global business and marketing double major. I’m bilingual in Vietnamese and English. These are all the things on my resume, yes?

Born and raised in Austin, TX, you’d think I never want to leave this beautiful state of mine, but I do. Not because I don’t love it but because my heart tells me it’s wanderlust and I need to see the world for all of its beauty and glory. Cheesy, right?

However, it’s traveling and leaving the country that actually landed me at Agency Entourage to begin with. Flashback to August 2015, I just landed in Seoul, South Korea for my semester abroad and my life feels as surreal as can be. Here I was in a foreign country that I didn’t speak the native tongue for and I’m living in a shoe box room with two other girls attending one of the top schools in Seoul. It was at this school that a passion sparked within me for marketing.

I was given the opportunity to work for a startup 3D systems company that was looking to branch out and start a new expansion for their technology. Though technology is not my forte and I know very little about it, I found a passion for the research, analyzing and marketing. Not to mention the satisfaction of being able to take a creative idea and bring it to completion from start to finish for an overjoyed client at the end. I pitched him my ideas and he loved them. This was what really sparked my fire and it was through this reassurance that I felt like I should bite the bullet and fully commit to being a marketing major.

It was from there that my friend, Zoe, introduced me to Agency Entourage. Let me tell you, once he showed me the website and I looked into the company, I was hooked. This is exactly the kind of place that I want to work. Cool. Vibrant. Unique. Fun. It’s everything that I was looking for in an internship and I felt like it was exactly what I needed to fuel my fire for the future.

This brings me back to today, my first day as an intern for Agency Entourage. I’m amazed and in awe that I’ve come so far from the idea of wanting to work at a place that I’ve been interested in, to actually working for them. By the end of this summer, I hope that I’ve not only grown in knowledge but as a person in the things that I want to do for my future and where I want to be once I graduate. I want to look back once everything is said and done and be proud that I got to be part of the AE family. I know that this is one of the landmarks in my life’s journey.


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