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Today we gathered in our conference room with some Jimmy John’s sandwiches to discuss LinkedIn. While all Agency Entourage employees can be found on the professional marketing platform with over 200 million members, some of our profiles needed a little sprucing up! So I put together a snazzy presentation to bring everyone’s attention to the opportunities they have at their fingertips on LinkedIn. Plus, updating our profiles not only enhances our personal brand but it also represents what we do at Agency Entourage. The better our profile is and the more we know about LinkedIn, the better our LinkedIn pitch will be for clients!

A LinkedIn “friendly identity” is a term I came across when I was doing my presentation research and it stuck with me. How often we forget that a LinkedIn profile is where we have opportunity to let someone get to know us and what we do! Step 1 to establishing a friendly identity on your profile is an updated, flattering photo. Step 2 is updating your headline. Then work on your summary, which should include information about your experience, your achievements as a professional, who you are and who you now work for.

We then discussed the importance of connections, recommendations, endorsements, discussions and daily activity.

“You can’t position yourself as a go-to resource unless you are visible, valuable and timely with your participation on LinkedIn,” said Stephanie Sammons, Social Media Examiner. We couldn’t agree more!

Part 2 of the LinkedIn Lunch will be next week when we’ll discuss LinkedIn company pages’ best practices.

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