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Simple blog promotion

Blog promotion is just as important as consistent posting.

So you’ve got great titles and amazing content, but you’re still not getting the traffic you want? It’s time to do some blog promotion. Below are a few simple and practical ways to increase traffic, expand readership and promote your blog among authority sites.

  • Ask and You Shall Receive

You can’t expect that those subscribed to your blog will read every word, and you surely can’t expect them to comment, link, like, re-tweet or..really DO anything…just because you’re as cool as us. Only the most loyal reader would be so kind as to share your work of their own volition. Your goal is to turn passive readers into active likers, re-tweeters and commentators. So ask your readers to do something every time you post. “Re-tweet this!” “Like us!” “Comment down below.” You’re just asking for blog promotion, now!

LinkedIn groups for blog promotion.

Promote your blog by posting relevant content in LinkedIn groups.

  • LinkedIn

One reason I’d argue why LinkedIn has become so successful is because of its groups. Discussion and debate are so integral to business as a whole, and working from that platform, groups for particular industries are awesome places to post relevant blog articles for clients or for yourself. Build credibility by joining and posting to particular groups and making use of your status/share bar. You can share useful information with a large audience that might find it absolutely relevant to their day-to-day. Point back to your blog and you might see a spike in people interested in what you have to say. Plus, you’ll get more visitors to your personal page, creating exposure to the content there as well. LinkedIn…a dual-edged sword.

  • Newsletter Email Blasts

Email is still profitable, no matter how many you find yourself deleting. Look into setting a schedule for a monthly newsletter to blast out to email lists. If you send out something monthly and used it to point to your blog in a subtle but catchy way, you might start seeing more traffic. How can you use newsletters to build traffic to your blog?  (Yeah, it’s kinda dated, but it still has useful information.)

  • And As Always…
    SEO for blog promotion

    SEO Stats help you maximize your post’s crawlability

Remember to flesh out your metadata. Whether you’re using Wordpress, Squidoo or some other CMS platform, research and decide on some keywords and use them well in your blog posts. Make your blog post more crawlable by captioning images with your keyword and tag up your post like it’s a blank wall waiting for the next Banksy stencil. You want to be sure to give each blog post the biggest chance to be seen. Metadata is often overlooked, but it can be very helpful in getting your blog found.

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