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Meet Agency Entourage's Newest Intern, Rozha!Hey there!  My name is Rozha (Roz-uh)! Thank you for clicking on my introduction page. To learn more about me, continue to scroll. 

Market Yourself

Learning how marketing is nearly everywhere around us intrigued me to learn more about how to develop my brand. Through interviews and internships, I’ve noticed a common trend: the importance of marketing yourself! After all, the posters and swag that companies give students at networking events is in of itself, a marketing tactic. The company is indirectly trying to persuade students to work for them or use their services/products. This concept of continuously trying to persuade others caught my eye and led me to major in marketing at Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Cox School of Business.

SMU In Dallas

Since I was born and raised in Dallas, I wanted to learn more about the opportunities available for me to grow professionally. The variety of business opportunities and Dallas’s big job market sparked my interest in learning more about career opportunities here. Since SMU networks with Dallas’s job market, I thought it’d be a good idea to study there.


Studying at SMU has been a blessing because it’s allowed me to flourish while making long-lasting friendships through my internship experiences and multiple student-led organizations. Having weekly painting, lunch, and yoga sessions with friends has been a great de-stressor! 

Embarking On a New Journey

More importantly, I’m excited to meet new people and enhance my skills while interning for Agency Entourage (AE) this fall. Stay tuned for more blogs to learn about my experience with AE. Thank you for reading! 

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