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 In ae-ideas, Meet The Entourage
media buyer

Are you wondering if I was named after the state? How many people do you know are named after a state? Seriously…eye roll! I’m not named after the southern state, but I am as sweet as a peach and have the sass of a Texan.

A Traditional Media Buyer in a Digital World

I have lived in the sprawling Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex my entire life. Exciting, I know! I attended the University of Texas and majored in Advertising. Upon graduation, I began my Advertising career in TV media sales, but quickly made the transition to the agency side in a media buyer role. With the exception of a few years as a Domestic Engineer and a few more as a result of the Great Recession, I have spent my entire career in traditional media buying. I have been fortunate enough to work on a variety of clients, ranging from national brands like Honda, Chevy and Nissan to small, co-op clients like Papa Murphy’s Pizza and Dickey’s Barbecue. Being an Internet junkie, I have been eager to learn more about the social advertising and digital marketing aspects of the industry. I am thankful that my role at Agency Entourage is allowing me that opportunity. I love the challenge of bringing the various pieces together to execute the best plans for our clients and helping them succeed.

Charitable at Heart

When I am not at work strategizing for clients, I enjoy spending time with my human and canine children, binge-watching Netflix and napping like a Sloth. I also have a passion for fundraising for two charities close to my heart, the National MS Society and St. Jude’s Research Hospital for children. My goal next year for the MS Society is to bike 75-miles during the annual Bike MS event.

If I haven’t put you to sleep already, here are some random facts about me:

  • I am half Nicaraguan and half Texan… yes, I meant that, as if Texas is a country. We like to think it is!
  • My dream growing up was to be an actress. Apparently, that meant having acting abilities, which I do not possess, so Advertising it was.
  • I have twin daughters. They are my two favorite people in the world.
  • My dogs talk and by that, I mean I have given them voices to match their personalities.
    I have an actual Bucket List of things I would like to accomplish and do.

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