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Hi! My name is Lanxuan Jiang. I named myself Kelsi Jiang after countless professors and classmates struggled pronouncing my name. You can probably tell from my name that I’m not from here. Yes, I am from China and being an international student here is not easy. The first year was especially hard, and language was the biggest obstacle. Glad I went through it! Even better than that, I figured out what I wanted to do for the following years.

Currently, I’m a senior at Southern Methodist University (SMU). I’m double majoring in Advertising – Digital Media Specialization and Psychology with a Statistical Science minor. I love the combination of Advertising and Psychology. Advertising is not just selling products, it’s understanding and changing the consumer’s mind and behavior based on the data and science.

Coming all the way from China, my experience here in the United States has changed my life. I had never envisioned myself studying Advertising or Psychology and interning at an ad agency, but it’s exactly what I am doing right now! I worked in SMU’s psychology lab as a research assistant and observed so many cool research and studies.

Last semester, I participated in SMU’s ad team to compete in the 2016 National Student Advertising Competition. The client was Snapple and the whole process was fun, but hard and stressful as well. The experience was unforgettable and it went well. We finished in second place in the 10th district, which is one of the strongest districts. We also won a special judges’ award for Best Strategy and Promotion.

Joining Agency Entourage this summer is my first real-world agency experience and I’m excited to get started! AE is a digital agency. This is exactly where I want to work and learn.

Talking about things I love, I can’t tell you just one because there are just too many. Hot water, aquariums, any green tea flavored food, little animals… I love new things and unexpected experiences. It is also the reason I love traveling and exploring the uniqueness of different places. Taking photos and sharing the views with everyone also makes me happy. Scuba diving is another thing I got addicted to recently, and I am planning to become a certified diver!

Wow, there are too many things waiting for me to explore, but let me start the adventure this summer with Agency Entourage. I know it’s going to be awesome!

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