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 In ae-ideas, Meet The Entourage

My name is Shelby Z Currie (yes, the letter Z is my whole middle name), and I’m the newest Interactive Producer at Agency Entourage. I was born in Austin Texas, the land of the weird,  stand-still traffic, and hipsters (both locally sourced and imported).

Started with Cheer, and Now I’m Here

I first moved to DFW to attend the University of Texas at Arlington, a sister school of UT Austin. My decision was largely influenced by making the UTA Small Coed Cheer Team, which quickly became a way of life for me. I found a family within the team, and a home in Arlington, Texas where I currently reside.

A couple of national titles and one intense ankle surgery later, I found an array of professors who inspired me to think strategically and to aspire to loftier goals. I enhanced my coursework through internships, where I found a very welcoming group of individuals who took me under their wing to teach me about the world of digital marketing and social media.

Agency Experience

Since graduation, I’ve worked in an agency environment in a variety of social media related roles. I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients primarily in the financial space, from payment processing to home and auto loans. This helped me to build a wide range of skills in marketing, as well as develop a passion for paid social advertising, copywriting and graphic design.

When I was searching for my next big move, Agency Entourage stood out to me for its award-winning campaigns and fun-loving company culture. I’m enthusiastic about blazing this new trail as an Interactive Producer and to be working with such a great team.

A Passion for Painting

Although the majority of my time is spent creating content and trying to keep my cats from clawing the furniture, I try to make time to paint at least once a week to maintain my sanity and get back in touch with my artsy side. It helps to get me out of my head and solve problems when things seem out of control.

Mostly, I stick to acrylic paint on canvas, but I’m also always trying out new nail designs to post to my blog. I find that an understanding of fine art and the concepts that go into creating imagery that resonates lend a helping hand in the advertising world when it comes to creative design.

I’m excited to be starting this new role at Agency Entourage, and look forward to learning from the individuals around me.

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