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 In ae-ideas, Meet The Entourage

Hi. My name is Alec Flynn, born in Funky-Town Fort Worth, Texas. I am a recent University of Oklahoma graduate interested in balancing creative and analytical qualities with an emphasis on user-centric practices. I can’t explain how ecstatic I am to be an Interactive Producer for Agency Entourage.

Listen To The Music

Though everyone has a specific relationship with music, I feel as though my relationship has been deeply ingrained in my life, changing the way I think and feel. Ever since I was born, my Dad has been in a band, even today. With both of us being musicians, music became something that we connected on deeply, slowly increasing my interest in the creative aspect of the music industry.

I began to become obsessed with the intricacies that go into creating truly innovative experiences and how my favorite artists would brand themselves, which initially sparked my interest in marketing and branding. It led me to pursue a career in helping brands create a following using innovative and creative strategies.

Not Sooner Born, but Sooner Bred

I started out my college career just like any other kid, completely lost with what I wanted to pursue as a career. After doing some serious internal thought following my freshman year, I quickly realized what my passion was. I switched my major to Advertising and enrolled in the Gaylord, School of Mass Communication and Journalism. I was then hired by our student-run advertising agency, Lindsey + Asp, creating deliverables, copywriting and being a mediator between clients in the Oklahoma City area.

My intense passion for branding is rivaled by my passion for the University of Oklahoma and Sooner Sports. Norman, Oklahoma was a place where I began to realize my true self and come out of my shell and made life-long friendships in the process. Though I am from Texas, born and raised, I am a die-hard Oklahoma Sooner who bleeds Crimson.

Intellectual Middle-Man

Throughout my life, I have always been perpetually proficient at being the middle-man. I have always been the go-to guy to get something done and get it done right or to resolve any issues. Something that really stuck with me as I grew was to “talk less and listen more,” Simple, yet effective advice. My attention to detail and work-ethic combined with my collaborative spirit make me someone worthwhile. I am also someone who’s thought process is a bit off the beaten path, thinking outside the box is my forte.

I feel these are traits that the rest of AE can relate to me with and I can tell this is a place that I can come to work without dread, knowing that every day we are going to put our heads together to create meaningful content for meaningful clients. I plan to make lasting relationships with my clients and life-long relationships with my fellow employees. Cheers!

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