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Hola! My name is Daniela Torres (or Dani) and I’m an Advertising & Branding student from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). This summer I will be an intern here at Agency Entourage, so I’m here to introduce myself and help you get to know me a little bit better!

Mrs. Worldwide

I was born in Panama City, Panama (the city in Central America, not Florida) (Although that would have been fun tbh) and I come from a family with two parents from very different backgrounds. My mom is Chinese and Panamanian, and my dad is from El Salvador. So, my first language is Spanish, I learned English in school, and I understand a little bit of Chinese, although it’s mostly “mom phrases” like sit down, shut up, and hold my purse. Being a multiethnic kid, I’ve always been very proud of my roots and heritage, and it has influenced my work tremendously throughout the years.

Growing up in Panama, I was always interested in the Arts. I took piano, singing, ballet, tap, and hip-hop dancing lessons, and I always had some type of art supply in hand. I spent most of my days listening to music (a good mix between Reggaeton and soft music like Daniel Caesar), sketching, trying new food or watching Grey’s Anatomy. I learned how to draw and paint very early on, which later on led to my first solo painting exhibition at the age of 19, which was sponsored by Panama’s National Bank. So, from the beginning, I always knew I wanted to work in the creative field. My passion for art only grew stronger when I arrived to college though. Savannah is such a beautiful city filled with people who want to grow as artists, that it inspired me to work harder in order to become the professional that I wanted to be.

Opposites Attract?

So, painting and Advertising are my two passions. People always laugh when i mention this though, because they say, “I could not think of two more opposite things”. I do understand that they’re quite different, as painting requires patience due to its very long process, and the Advertising industry is known for being fast and efficient. But what really connects them is how in order to be successful in both, you need to have a deep understanding of people’s humanity, behavior, and thinking.

That’s why Advertising really stuck out to me: because it’s all about mixing creative thinking, which I explore through painting, with the human experience. This is a career that changes a lot depending on the country you’re working at, (as Advertising revolves around culture) so I’m hoping that by working here at Agency Entourage, I’ll be able to learn how the industry works in the US, learn about the culture here at Dallas, and meet new people, which will definitely be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Un abrazo y un beso,


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