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AE Internship Mary Sullins LancasterHey everyone! My name is Mary Sullins Lancaster, and I go by Mary Sullins. I know it is a mouthful, so I will respond to anything remotely close. I’ve lived in Dallas my whole life, and I am a rising senior at Auburn University majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Marketing. I could not be more excited to intern with Agency Entourage for Summer 2020!

Why Business Administration And Marketing?

Heading off to college, I was expected to know exactly what I was going to major in and my dream job. It was not that easy. After switching my major three times at orientation, I decided to major in “Exploratory” freshman year. This allowed me to research and shadow lots of different majors. I always knew that I wanted to express my creative side, and I figured I could somehow do this through business. I chose Business Administration because it’s the broadest major, but later down the road, I thought Marketing was the best fit for me, so I declared it as my minor.

(Rome)ing Around

Traveling is important to me, so last summer, I was fortunate to study abroad in Rome, Italy, through LeadAbroad. During the week, I took an International Business course and a Public Speaking course. On the weekends, I traveled to different places. On one of my first days in Rome, I was stung in the eye by a bee– just my luck. Despite getting stung, I was able to go sight-seeing in Prague (ironic right?), bungee jumping in Interlaken and go into the Blue Grotto in the Amalfi Coast. Needless to say, my expectations of going abroad were exceeded.

What’s Next?

As you may have noted from earlier, I am an indecisive person, so my plans will most likely change. I would like to work in an ad agency and be on the strategy side, and preferably not in Dallas. I was born and raised here, and nothing against it, but I am ready to try somewhere new. Although I would like to stay in the south, I am pretty flexible as long as I feel like the job is the right fit for me. If I could choose one city, it would be Austin. Since this is a crazy time due to COVID-19 and it may continue into next year. My only choice may be to work from home, and I am okay with that. This summer catch me interning for Agency Entourage Monday through Thursday (remotely, of course)!

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