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Megan Foreman, Digital Copywriter

Megan Foreman, Agency Entourage’s new copywriter

I was blessed with the part-time jobs I held through high school and college. I loved my co-workers, loved the companies I worked with and (for the most part) loved the work I was doing. Then, when I found myself waiting tables 6 months out of college, I knew it was time to find a “big girl” job. 30 days later, I had my first introduction to the corporate world.

Not too long into that experience, I walked away from the office life to begin copywriting as a freelancer – determined to never be an “employee” again.


I freelanced for about 4 months, turned down a few full-time opportunities and remembered how it felt to really love my work.

And then along came Agency Entourage.


When asked to schedule an interview, my first reaction was “definitely not.” And then, when I went through the Agency Entourage website, I saw a company that really seemed to value its employees. I saw team members who appeared to encourage and support one another.

So, I agreed to an interview.

As soon as I walked through the door, I knew this was the place for me. I’ve been on staff for less than a full week, and every single person has been incredibly kind and welcoming.

With an emphasis on employee appreciation, individual initiative and work-life balance, Agency Entourage is a far leap from most employers.


Five Fun Facts:

– My dad has been in advertising for over 30 years, and I always said I would never follow (oops)

– Once I began copywriting, I promised I would never work for an advertising or marketing agency (double oops)

– I graduated from Texas Tech in 3 years with a B.A. in Communication Studies, emphasis on Interpersonal Communication

– I have a cat named Shiner, and he is my baby

– My current obsession is House of Cards on Netflix…particularly Kevin Spacey

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