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Being that we’re all relatively young and connected in this day and age, many of us automatically “plug in” during meetings, dinners and festive occasions. It’s not uncommon for me to glance around during a work lunch and see half the table either Instagramming their dish, taking a call from a significant other or firing off a chain of emails. Holidays are called Holy Days for a reason, and Thanksgiving serves as the perfect reminder that it’s OK to put the technology away and appreciate your surroundings. Here are five ways to detach yourself from asking your host for the WiFi password for your iPad tomorrow.

  1. First things first, don’t check yourself into Thanksgiving dinner and tag all of guests you’re currently with. This will only create buzz on your Facebook wall for the remainder of the day and you will want to see who is engaging with your post. In short, avoid early temptations to “share” on social media.
  2. I am going to instill a three-picture maximum to your Instagram feed today. One for food, one for people and one free pass. This can include decorations, the family dog or, let’s be honest, the family dog.
  3. This one is a given, but leave your phone in the other room during dinner. Putting it on silent in your backpocket is not the same thing. Fully immerse yourself in conversation with others around you. If you have your phone within reach, then you will be tempted to check it when you aren’t directly involved in a conversation therefore cutting yourself off from the table.
  4. Congratulations, 2013 has been good to you. You got a boyfriend, a dog, a new house, a grandchild. Definitely all picture-worthy. But people will start running from you if you’re the person who starts every conversation with “Oh I haven’t shown you the photos yet? Get comfortable….” We know what a guest bathroom looks like.
  5. Lastly, and this is a big one, use the golden rule. Real Simple suggests that you only post photos of others that you would want posted of you. Even if you think you look like America’s Next Top Model or the President of the United States, be respectful if a family member asks you to delete the photo. You can always ask if he or she would prefer to be untagged, but sometimes deleting it altogether is best in order to keep everyone smiling (especially by the time the next photo opp comes around).

Follow these social media etiquette tips for a successful holiday this year. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them on our Facebook Page. Agency Entourage is a digital marketing agency in downtown Dallas. Give us a call at 214-414-3035.

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