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It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone on their phone texting, tweeting, taking a picture or looking up directions. So many people completely reply on their mobile device to get through the day and to stay connected.

Recently, Meghan Peters, Mashable’s community manager, Brett Martin, co-founder and CEO of Sonar and Steve Jang, co-founder, chief product designers and CEO of SoundTracking and Bart Stein, Stamped founder, had an on-stage discussion at Mashable Connect about mobile social networking. They came to the conclusion that mobile social networks are the communities of the future and here’s why:


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It’s Easy to Share

Social network platforms have become the best way to express yourself. Whether it’s our interests or photos, we love the idea of being able to share it all.

“As long as there is a captive audience that is responsive to this stream of personal media captured and shared on the fly, then I think we’ll continue to see people flock to these mobile communities,” Jang said.

Thanks to mobile devices, we no longer share our vacations or life events days afterward but yet right at the very moment that it’s happening. We’re becoming used to knowing what’s going on with friends, family and even celebrities at the moment something is happening, which allows us to experience with them and feel connected.

According to comScore reports, thirty-eight million Americans use mobile devices for social networking, usually on a daily basis. And that number will continue to rise because of our desire to produce and engage with personal media.

Relationships Grow and Improve

The connections we make through social networks may develop new relationships or strengthen those existing. And while some worry all the tweeting, photographing and checking in may lessen the value of face-to-face connections, Jang said the benefits of social networking still come out on top. With our mobile devices in hand, we can stay in touch with a much larger group of friends and family and see, read and listen to a vivid snapshot of their lives.

Then there’s the matter of sharing common interests – the core of any community. Mobile apps allow users to connect around certain hobbies and activities so whether you are looking for a restaurant or a relationship, apps can help. The goal of a successful app is to help an existing community build on what it has already been doing. Mobile applications add dimensions to relationships that we never had before and that make it easier than ever to make and maintain real life relationships, Stein and Martin said.

Read more of their discussion from Mashable Connect here.

As for the future of mobile social networking – it’s in our hands! Mobile networking and sharing will continue with upgraded devices and improved apps. As we see it changing every day,  we’d like for you to share with us – how do you feel about how mobile devices are impacting our communities and daily lives? If you’re looking for more ways for you or your business to connect with a community, see how Agency Entourage might be able to help.

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