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Hey Siri, Who's Morgan Reyes? Agency Entourage Internships

Hi! I’m Morgan Reyes, but my friends and family call me Morgs. I recently graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing! I am very excited to have the opportunity to intern with Agency Entourage this summer.

Why Dallas?

I have been drawn to Dallas ever since my best friend moved to this city for college. There is something about the fast-paced, motivated lifestyle that makes me want to call this place home. I feel inspired, excited, and encouraged to be the best version of myself whenever I am in this city. The food is also incredible, I can never get enough chips and queso when I’m in town.

Why Marketing?

To me, marketing is about creating a story and making a positive impact on people’s lives through all forms of social media platforms and outlets. There is a ton of creative freedom in this field, and it is continuously evolving with new trends. My favorite trend right now is Instagram Presets. I love collaborating with others to maximize ideas and being a part of a team, which is another reason why I chose this specific field.

Fun Facts

If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be sushi, spicy crunchy tuna rolls, to be exact. Growing up in Tampa, FL, I spent my weekends on the boat with my friend’s wakeboarding, tubing, and jet skiing! My favorite vacation was going to the Amalfi Coast in Italy last summer. I hope to go skydiving soon, which is on my 2020 bucket list!



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