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Hello everyone! My name is Alex Touchstone and I am the newest intern at Agency Entourage! Currently, I am a rising senior at Texas Tech University majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Advertising. I am so excited for all that summer of 2022 has to offer!

Why Public Relations and Advertising?

Throughout my high school experience I found a major passion for graphic design. I was very lucky to 

have an amazing teacher who taught me everything I know and so much more. Growing up art has always been

 an interest of mine and learning to create digitally has be

en a very fun experience for me. I chose Public Relations and Advertising due to the fact that I love graphic design. I felt that choosing this major and minor would allow me to still do graphic design work while learning so much more. I have learned so much from my three years of college and I am very eager to learn more about the working world this summer!

Foodie for Life

My favorite pastime is trying new places to eat at! I love all things centered around food. Currently my favorite restaurant is Oishii. I am always in the mood for sushi and this spot has been a top contender for me since high school. The atmosphere is fun and spunky yet classy!  Everyone should stop by and try the Tribecca roll! Oishii is popularly known for this spectacular roll which features soy paper and sticky rice layered with seasoned salmon, truffle oil, shrimp flake, and avocado dipped in eel sauce and spicy mayo. The combination of flavors and textures makes my taste buds smile 🙂

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