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English: Sunset at Kalpeni.

Capture beautiful moments accurately with the new Instagram creative tools. #blessed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great news–Instagram has come out with yet another great update for both iPhone and Android! Have you ever found yourself using a filter that makes you look way too tan while making your friend look way too pale? You use it anyway because it’s the best option you can find. Alas, you can now skip the digital spray tan (or lack thereof) with the new filter adjustment option. Simply double click on any filter and you can decide how much of it you want to use. Whats more, there are nine new editing options for those who love to perfect their pictures. They are as follows:










You can get to these options by clicking on the wrench after you’ve chosen the picture you want to use. If there was ever a reason to post a throwback thursday picture today, this is it. Instagram wants you to get creative, so take advantage of their creative tools and get to work!

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