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Okay, I’ll come clean. These search engines are not actually new.  However, they are most likely new to you and other people who don’t specialize in internet marketing consulting. Like most members  of agencies that provide SEO marketing services (Search Engine Optimization), I tend to use Google for the majority of my search activity. It’s Google. It’s what I know and what I trust. Do you harbor similar sentiments? Then trust me when I say you will likely find these lesser-known search engines to be helpful, innovative, and, best of all – simple.

In the same fashion, it is my belief that the blogs mentioned below provide content curators (of any medium) with a fresh perspective in regards to trending topics, marketable content and the (daily) (hourly) overall forecast of the viral world.



For SEO experts (or people interested in SEO), DuckDuckGo is especially alluring. DuckDuckGo does not track or “profile” any users. Therefore, the search results for any given query that is entered are the exact same for all users – something that Google does not support.

Fred Wilson, managing partner at Union Square Ventures has said, “We didn’t invest in it   [DuckDuckGo] because we thought it would beat Google. We invested in it because there is a need for a private search engine. We did it for the Internet anarchists, people that hang out on Reddit and Hacker News.”

The reason your search results and ad experience might seem personalized is because they are personalized. Users of DuckDuckGo get to be anonymous and free of “personalized search,” which, in reality, is actually just a filter that is intended to be “helpful.”


Blekko is a search engine that has yet to receive its well-deserved recognition. Blekko’s title tag reads:

“Spam and Virus Free Search Engine for Latest Updates on News, Gossips, Date and Much More.”

Blekko specifically excludes sites they deem to be “spammy” (content farms, link farms, etc.) from their SERPS (search engine result pages) so that displayed results come from credible sources or professionals.

My favorite feature of blekko is their forward slash feature – which is easier to understand through illustration rather than explanation:

blekko SERPs


..brings you to:


Notice that the only results came from respected publications and news outlets only? This feature is helpful for fact checking or any other instance where accuracy is of high importance. (Spoiler alert: It’s unlikely that such an occurrence will ever coincide or be related to Justin Bieber.)

Now let’s look at other Bieber-related content from a different angle:

This search (query /twitter) retrieves Tweets in real time only. It’s helpful for keeping up with trending topics on a second-by-second basis and/or observing the public opinion of a particular topic.  Blekko doesn’t limit you to these two methods of categorized search. Check out all of the other slashtags you can utilize here.



Infographiclist.com is a forum that companies can use to submit their brand’s infographic to increase its exposure. It’s also a great tool to use for content. This forum provides interesting information spun in an attention-grabbing way. It’s easy to find yourself studying something you were never even looking for in the first place. It’s a great forum for facts (as long as they are backed by research), statistics, and other “did-you-knows”. Infographics can be sorted into a wide range of specific, yet, broad enough categories to help you find what you need and find what you didn’t even know you needed.


HEAVY  “What You Need to Know Right Now”


This blog has a tendency to feature the most current (serious or ridiculous) content in a jovial, yet informative way. To illustrate:

Like running shoes, car manufacturers, and yes, Google, it’s easy to stick with what you like and what you know. Don’t make this mistake when conducting content research – it only limits your perspective, your reach, and, therefore, your overall success.

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