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The real estate landscape in Dallas is competitive, and therefore real estate social and digital media is more crucial than ever before to successfully compete in such a cutthroat industry.  With that being said, the importance of maintaining a blog with relevant information is key to the success of a brand. Not only do blogs establish a brand as a category leader, they also significantly help with SEO efforts. The following Dallas-based blogs are great examples of how to take a commanding lead in the real estate marketing game.

Candy’s Dirt:

This blog is managed by a local real estate insider who knows the scoop on all things Dallas. Updated multiple times a day with relevant and timely content, this blog keeps its posts fresh by not only discusses the latest listings, but also providing updates on the market. Along with these blogs, Candy’s Dirt also has a significant social media presence that complements the blog content.


Ebby Blog:

Ebby Halliday Realtors is all over the real estate marketing trends, including a spectacular blog that not only offers listings, but also reports on the latest news happening around DFW.  While not all content is directly related to real estate, all of the posts meld together seamlessly to attract the attention of their intended audience.

DFW Urban Realty

Dallas is known for its picturesque suburbs, but DFW Urban Realty focuses on the rapidly growing urban market downtown. From a weekly loft listing to activities happening around the area, this blog allows its readers to fully grasp the landscape of DFW’s real estate and the lifestyle that accompanies it.

With real estate marketing, the importance of social media and blogging should never be overlooked. What are your favorite Dallas real estate blogs?


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