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Online Public Relations SEO in Press Release Agency Entourage

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Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, for short) is becoming a greater necessity for websites, blogs, press releases, social media management and other things online that are desired to be ranked higher on search engines. To help boost the SEO of your press release, check out these few tips below:

1. Keywords

Whatever your newsworthy news may be (and make sure it’s newsworthy, otherwise you’re wasting your time), pick a keyword or set of keywords that will be the main focus in your release. You’ll need to do a little keyword research based on what you’re writing about. The help of a social media agency with a focus in SEO may be your best option for finding what keywords will work best for you.

2. Positions

Once you’ve got your keywords, then comes placing them correctly throughout the press release. To me, SEO is like a puzzle because you’re trying to piece together sentences and work in your keywords without anything reading funny. There are specific places you should put your keywords, such as the title, that help increase SEO.

3. Readability

You’ve probably read certain blogs, websites or press releases that are overly optimized for SEO. They read poorly and have keywords used over and over and over again. Search engines notice that type of writing, and often don’t rank them very well. Instead, search engines are looking for a more readable format. Make sure your press release, even if you’re trying to write it the best that you can for SEO, reads easily with your keywords in place.

Those are only three ways to optimize your press release, but there are more pieces to the SEO puzzle that you can apply. If you’re looking for an agency that can help you craft a press release to the latest in SEO standards, look no further than Agency Entourage, a Dallas marketing firm, and check out what else we can do for you on our Capabilities page.

How do you incorporate SEO into your press releases? Share with me below!

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