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AP Stylebook Updates 2012 Agency Entourage Online Public Relations News

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Behold…the AP Stylebook 2012 edition is here and coming at you with “more than 270 updated and new entries” (and nearly 500 pages).

The latest edition of the AP Stylebook features an entirely new broadcast chapter as well as an expanded social media chapter (which originally came about in the AP Stylebook with the rise of social media in 2010). More fashion-related updates are also included in the new version of the Stylebook (anyone think that this might be in part to the rapid increase in fashion bloggers, too?)

But let’s focus back to digital here…the social media section in the new AP Stylebook expands terminology and offers advice about using social media for reporting. According to Mallary Tenore, associate editor at Poynter.org, “Social Media Editor Eric Carvin, West Regional Desk Editor Carson Walker, Senior Producer Fergus Bell and News Editor Oskar Garcia contributed to the chapter,” helping devise the latest AP Style social media guidelines.

Three of the updated terms include:

1. Direct message
2. Cloud
3. Modified tweet

The AP Stylebook 2012 edition also offers best practices when creating content for social media sites and tools.

PR Daily shares some of the changes that haven’t gone over so well in the past. However, two terms that received extremely warm reception in the digital world with a new AP Stylebook include “e-mail” to “email” and “Web site” to “website.” So much cleaner!

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What has been your favorite/least favorite addition, update or change to the AP Stylebook thus far?

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