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optimize google search content generation

We’ve all been there, after months of writing blogs full of award-winning content, you hit a wall. But what do the pros use that we “normal folks” can utilize? Many of them in fact aren’t using anything new. With a few simple tweaks to your Google search, you can generate even more engaging content for your readers.

The internet is a vast abyss of information and it’s no secret that we find ourselves getting lost in photos of cute dogs in boxes, infographics and the mass amount of news that is thrown in our feeds on a daily basis. If you ever come across an informative article but have to close it out, you can find it later by typing the name of the website it was posted to.

site: |   Super Bowl site:prdaily.com   |   Features all the articles on PR Daily mentioning the Super Bowl.

Most national brands like to keep things national, however, some brands such as Chrysler have made it known that they are headquartered in Detroit and frequently post about events in the area. Take a note from them and search for detailed news within a specific area. You can use this technique for all kinds of location-based queries including articles concerning weather news or specific city events.

location: |   Chrysler location:Detroit   |   Searches for all news articles about Chrysler located in Detroit.

The worst thing you can do in any industry is get comfortable. To create fresh content, don’t rely on one source. Step outside of your box and find different outlets to get inspiration. I know it’s scary, but try thinking of a page that you already get interesting content ideas from and use the search terms below to find a related website. This technique is useful because you can find great articles on little-known sites, giving you some truly original sources.

related: |   related:mashable.com   |   Find articles that link to the Mashable homepage.

Content generation can be a constant battle, but if you utilize the tools you already have, you can create even more award-worthy content. If you’re looking for a creative digital marketing agency that is never short on ideas, call Agency Entourage in Dallas at 214.414.3035!


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