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In social marketing management, you might easily have to organize passwords company wide for dozens if not hundreds of accounts. For decades, we have been warned about password security, and rightly so. We did a two-part series on corporate password security earlier this year. In part two, I detailed a way to create a near-impossible to guess password of letters, numbers and symbols that is still (moderately) easy to remember.

The techie web-comic xkcd made an interesting observation about passwords:

Password Strength

Webcomic by: xkcd.com

The critical element of this kind of password that makes it unbreakable is character length. As a password gets longer the amount of time necessary for a brute force attack increases exponentially. This makes a password of 4 random words harder to crack than the 11 character password of letters, numbers and symbols.

This also allows for a more complicated (yet easier to remember) system to use a different password for any account you create while making the password predictable. Simply assign one of the random words to be linked to each website and you only need to remember a simple english word to associate with each account.

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