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Can’t we admit it? I will. Pinterest is the latest bandwagon everyone is jumping on. And by jumping on, I mean flocking to like it’s the last ice cream sundae in the world, or chocolate candy bar, or insert your favorite dessert here. For Agency Entourage, a DFW social media agency, it’d be the last Tiff’s Treats cookie in the box, which we just had delivered to the office, thank you interns!

Point being, you may think there is no benefit to Pinterest for your master-planned community. But the truth is that the majority of Pinterest users are women between 25 and 44 years of age, according to A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest. I’m willing to bet that begins to describe your target market.

Here’s another stat for you: Pinterest drives more traffic that LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. That’s a lot. In the U.S., there were more than 11 million unique visitors to Pinterest in January alone, according to A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest. There is an incredible opportunity for your master-planned community to drive traffic to your website and your homes

Plus, builders understand the power of a model home. Model homes sell the builder, the neighborhood and the lifestyle because potential buyers can visualize what they will be buying. Words can only go so far; photographs are powerful sellers. Pinterest is built on a foundation of sharing images.

Here’s the last reason our DFW social media agency believes in the power of pinning: who doesn’t  have a board filled with ideas, floor plans, paint colors and more for their dream home? I sure do. And everyone I know. And everyone they know.

The easiest way to sell someone a home in your master-planned community is to show them that it is not only their dream home, but also their dream lifestyle. You can sell both easily on Pinterest, where your future residents are already searching, without even sounding like you’re selling. Marketers know, it doesn’t get any better than that. Check out more ways to sell your master-planned community through social media.

Are you ready to harness the power of pinning? Check out the Pinterest pros at Agency Entourage, a DFW social media agency. We know how to make pins that will help you sell homes.

Do you have any Pinterest success stories? We’d love to hear them!

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