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It’s that time of year again, the most craved of all seasons and no we’re not talking about summer, we’re talking about the World Cup. The pinnacle of football (soccer) is about to unleash itself after four years of the globe patiently waiting and of course, we had to be a part of it.

Our Team Building committee got to it and after searching Craigslist for a few hours, they landed on a foosball table that looked good enough to fit into our company home. The table barely made it through the door, literally, before we were jumping on it like schoolchildren. We rearranged some things and made room for the newest and best piece of furniture we have in the office. Below is a photo of it in all its glory.

Photo Credit: Amanda Munster

Then, the real competition began. We each picked a country and over the next month will be going head to head against each other in the #AgencyWorldCup, which will also determine our predictions for the coming games. To stay up to date with the victories, battles and defeats of our internal FIFA match, visit our official #AgencyWorldCup website and follow our hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

Which country would you choose?

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