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Public Relations Strategies: Traditional Press Kit and Online Press Kit

Agency Entourage Public Relations OfferingsWe’re putting the final touches on a press kit for one of our clients and, gasp, it’s something NOT online. These days, it’s still very important to have a traditional press kit to hand out to media, but it’s also important to add an online version to your strategy as well.

Think about it, your traditional press kit is still necessary, but an online version could take your public relations strategy even further. Not only could you make a landing page solely dedicated to all the things needed by media, but, as we all know, a simple URL is really easy to share — I’m talking child’s play here.

You can send the link easily to media in an email, you can share your online press kit socially via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and the other social networking sites you’re involved with, you could even write a blog post or send out an email newsletter to all of your contacts all about your online press kit. The options are endless!

So, let’s pretend you’re a home builder, adding on a press kit to your website could be the place to hold all of your company’s news and latest press releases, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Given the tools we have access to online, you can embed YouTube videos of tours of a new model home or an interview with the president of your company. You can include a Flickr stream somewhere on the landing page with all of your latest pictures, and don’t forget to include links or icons to everywhere else you’re located online so everything can be connected all in one page. It’s everything you need, it’s everything a journalist could need, and it’s all accessible with the click of the mouse.

A few company’s doing their online press kits correctly include:

As public relations methods move more and more to using measures online, so are we at Agency Entourage. We’re keeping tabs (and we actually make Facebook tabs, too) to stay on top of the ball game. We feel it’s crucial to incorporate both of these types of kits into your online public relations and marketing strategies. Contact us today and let us build an online press kit for you.

What is the best online press kit you’ve come across? What makes it so great?


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