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shopping center social mediaDo you manage a Facebook page for a shopping center? If so, there’s a few questions to make sure you have answers to. Don’t waste your time by going at it without a clear cut strategy.

Are you paying attention to your Facebook Insights?
Would you open a shopping center without knowing the demographics and buying behavior of the surrounding geographic area? I don’t think so. Facebook Insights make it easy to take a good look at just who your audience on Facebook is comprised of and what they respond best to. Pay attention to what your Insights tell you about what kind of posts are working well and reaching the most people. Take advantage of this resources!

Are you creating a steady flow of content?
Anyone who has ever managed a social media channel for any amount of time has thought, “what do I post about today?” To keep from hitting that dreaded social media writer’s block create a steady flow of information to share with your fans. Curating content for shopping centers is made easier do to having an assortment of retailers and restaurants that produce their own content. Subscribe to all of your merchant’s email newsletters, follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook. Setting Google Alerts for all of your merchants can also help to create a funnel of constant information about sales, promotions and events going on at the shopping center.

Are you blasting info or creating conversations?
One of the biggest mistakes I see shopping centers make in their social media efforts  is misusing Facebook as a place to shout. If you want social to work for you, think socially. Present your content in a manner that sparks interest and  facilitates conversation. Make your shopping center’s social channels a place where people come to share, participate and be a part of the dialogue, not just be lectured to by salesy pitches.

Is anyone engaging with your posts?
The single most important step you can take to ensure that your Facebook posts are actually be seen in your fans’ newsfeeds is to create content that gets engagement. Remember that Shares > Comments > Likes> Clicks on your content. Ask your community questions. Encourage them to share.

Have you created contests, promotions and giveaways?
Your social media community chose to follow you for a reason. More than likely, it was because they wanted to get something out of it. Have a tight budget? Even small giveaways can help spark excitement from fans. To ensure participation, make entering to win an easy process. The more hoops fans have to jump through to participate the less likely they will.  Use promotions to help bring in foot traffic, increase email subscriptions, and gain more social followers.

If managing your shopping center’s Facebook page strategically is important to you, let Dallas Advertising Agency, Agency Entourage help you revamp your efforts.

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