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Dallas Marketing Agency, Agency Entourage, Remembers 9/11

Photo by Natalie Greenway

Normally, Tuesday is my day to blog at Agency Entourage about the latest news, tips and tricks on digital public relations. But today, I wanted to take a moment to remember those we lost on September 11, 2001. Eleven years ago, a horrific tragedy struck our nation causing our country to come together in grief, mourning and support. Amidst the devastation, we as a people upheld a stronger since of pride, ready to lift our nation up like a phoenix from the ashes. Coming together became the silver lining for the American people.

I’d like to remember those that we lost on 9/11 and thank our heroes protecting our nation today. With a cousin in the U.S. Armed Forces, I would like to commend you for your bravery and am so honored to say I’m an American because of you. I, which I’m sure my fellow Americans will wholeheartedly agree, am forever grateful.

If you’d like to pay tribute and share your condolences, you can be a part of the conversation on Twitter by using hashtags such as #Remember911 and #alwaysremember. And, you can read and/or join the interesting debate that took place on PR Daily last year about what would have happened if social media had been around during the attacks in 2001.

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