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Greetings! My name is Renae Elkassih, and yes, I learned to say “here!” when the teacher hesitated while calling role.

Breaking the Mold

I’m not your traditional intern! After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a major in Psychology and minor in English, I pursued a career as a Legal Analyst for three (tedious) years in corporate real estate. Thrilling, I know. While approaching the end of my 3rd year, I reluctantly accepted that law was not a passion I’d enjoy sinking wildly into debt to pursue. So, like any other 23 year old confused about life, I threw caution to the wind and spent the next 3 years traveling and volunteering all over the globe. To date, I’ve been to 27 countries and various states within the U.S., even starting a travel blog on the subject of solo female travel.

Current Journey

While I am far from the end of my travel days, getting some of that wanderlust out of my system allowed me to clear my mind and jump head-first into a passion I never believed I could turn into a career: design. I started very tentatively, with one summer class in 2D Design at Tarrant County Community College. While a far cry from my prestigious undergrad experience, and me about 4 years older than everyone else, I fully expected to feel out of place. However, it was hands-down the most exciting and satisfying classroom experience I’ve ever had. Finally, I was surrounded by people who were just as weird as me, interested in similar things, and who knew a whole lot more than I did about art and design. My peers have been my biggest resource, and that’s the reason I am most excited about this internship at Agency Entourage.

AE Aspirations

I love the laid-back, familial atmosphere at AE. You’re not only welcomed but encouraged to knock on the door of anyone you’d like to work with. This, along with the fact that interns aren’t confined to one specific track at the agency has me eager to begin this new, colorful chapter. I’m someone who is endlessly curious, and knowing how each piece works and fits into the whole of AE is something that will make me a stronger candidate for my career in the design and advertising sphere.

For more information about Agency Entourage’s competitive internship program, Click Here, or email us at internships@agencyentourage.com.

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