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Although I’m sure you have had enough of my SXSW blog updates, I will wrap up my experience by briefly discussing the Social Media Club of Dallas event I attended last night with some of my Agency Entourage teammates: “SMC Dallas Highlights SXSW Interactive.” This was actually my first SMC event to attend and it was a great experience overall.

After checking in and networking with former colleagues and new friends (while enjoying a delicious spread from Crisp Salad Co.), we gathered inside the Angelika Film Center to hear from Dallas-area speakers who presented compelling talks at this year’s South By Southwest Interactive festival in Austin. Each speaker had 15 minutes to give an abbreviated version of their talk and share their SXSW observations and experiences.

First up was Eric Swayne giving his shortened version of “The Science of Storytelling.” He also shared some of his personal photos from his time in Austin and the types of brand activations he observed. Thankfully Swayne has his entire SXSW presentation up on his website here: http://eswayne.com/ We’ll definitely get that streaming in the AE office soon for everyone who wasn’t able to attend the conference or last night’s event.

Next was Jose Briones, who was named one of the top 50 innovation Twitter sharers, as well as presentations in the top 1% of all Slideshare presentations viewed in 2013. His talk, “Frugal Innovation. Simple Designs to Improve Lives,” inspired everyone in the room. Briones shared photos of his experiences in other countries and discussed the importance of design being about solutions rather than technology.

Last up was Brian Sullivan, who presented a summarized version of “Produce Like Picasso.” I know I’m not alone when I say I hope this full presentation is available online because the shortened version was definitely not enough for me or my teammates. Sullivan’s extensive research into the work and life of Picasso was fascinating and incredibly inspiring.

Thank you again to SMC Dallas, Angelika Film Center and Crisp Salad Co. for putting together and being a part of last night’s event! The AE Team is planning to pursue more SMC opportunities in the near future.

If attending these types of events, learning about the latest trends presented at SXSW and adding value to a team-based digital marketing agency is your schtick, apply to work with us at Agency Entourage! We are looking for proficient, full-time SEO strategists and some fun-seeking summer interns! To be considered for a full-time position, email careers@agencyentourage.com with your resumé and tell us what your X factor is. Interns send your info and resumé over to internships@agencyentourage.com. We look forward to connecting with all applicants and finding the right fit for the entourage!

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