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When something has 30 million active users per month, it’s pretty hard to ignore. In fact, when it’s 30 million active users that are engaging with top-secret content, it’s impossible to ignore. Herein lies the marketers dilemma: “How do you break through to a generation whose attention span has gone from a few sentences on Facebook to Twitter’s 140 characters to a 10 second blink-and-you-miss-it ad? We sought to find out.

For starters, we’ve seen that it can be done. Taco Bell and other businesses who were early adopters used Snapchat to offer discounts and rewards to users who engaged with their snaps. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this would work. But how does a brand surpass what I’ve deemed the Groupon Effect? The Groupon Effect is what happens when someone engages with a brand for short term gratification only. The value of social media for most brands, though, is to define a personality and build a long-term relationship with the consumer.

Snapchat in turn is actually the perfect platform for this. Snapchat is fun, fleeting, creative and a little boundary pushing. It’s new enough that your content doesn’t get lost in the clutter but it’s established enough that there is a significant user base to tap into.

If you haven’t added a brand on Snapchat yet, I suggest you start with Mashable. Mashable walks the fine line between being entertaining and engaging and not overly invasive. Many sports teams are jumping on Snapchat because of the ability to display their culture and action behind the scenes. Like I said, the perfect platform for an update of this nature. NowthisNews has jumped on the bandwagon to use Snapchat for a creative news medium. The options are endless! 

Like I said, 30 million monthly users and growing…tough to ignore.

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