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Today is Social Good Day, a day to celebrate those people and organizations who are using social media networks for greater causes. Good Days from Chronic Disease Fund is one of those organizations.

Many people with chronic disease like Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, and many forms of cancer are unable to afford the required medicines necessary to manage their illness. Commonly, even those with health insurance have co-pays that are still too expensive to cover.

Good Days from Chronic Disease Fund provides financial assistance to patients who cannot afford the medication they so desperately need. People with chronic disease share a common experience – bad days and good days. Good Days works to make sure people have as many Good Days as possible. So on this Social Good Day, let us consider how we can serve others, not just on Social Good Day, but everyday – how we can make one Social Good Day into many Social Good Days.

Help us celebrate the good work that Good Days is doing by supporting them and helping spread the word by celebrating them, and other worthy organizations, through your social media networks!

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