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Facebook Wall Halloween Costume

Photo by Ivan Hernandez

With Halloween coming up this weekend, we have been brainstorming some of the best Social Media Halloween Costumes.

  • Your Facebook Wall: A friend of mine did this last year. Add a blank section below your picture and bring a Sharpie to allow friends to write on your “wall”. And this year why not design it like the new timeline layout? You could also adapt this to be a YouTube, Google+ or Twitter Wall.
  • Rebecca Black or Justin Bieber: dressing as any notorious social media celebrity should get lots of laughs at your Halloween Party. Get creative with using a calendar, or going as “Friday”. It might be passe but get three friends together and go as three baby’s and the letter “O”. And say that you are “Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhhh!”
  • Social Media Mascot: Blue feathers and you can be the Twitter bird, a Crown with a sad face makes you the FourSquare Sad Mayor, or go a an anthropomorphic “like” or Google +1 button. Other mascot ideas: Twitter fail whale, Angry Bird, Zynga dog, or Mark Zuckerburg.
  • Sad Keanu: While Sad Keanu isn’t exactly the most up-to-the-minute meme, the advantage is this one is pretty easy execution. If you have jeans and a blazer, just grow a beard and take a sandwich.
  • While it is not strictly speaking “social media”, we felt the most time relevant costume would be to go as Siri. The new iPhone 4S feature is the talk of the social media universe, but execution will have to be a little creative. How do you put a face to Siri?

If you see a good Siri costume (or other social media related characters) at your Halloween party this weekend, let us know. The best ideas or photos will be incorporated next year.

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