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Social media management is used for industries across the board. Two industries in particular that can do a lot with social media are apartment communities and multifamily property management companies. Below, I list six ways for getting started:

1. Make a plan.

Before you get started, make a plan of what you want to talk about via social media. Do you want to focus on reaching out to potential tenants or would you rather keep it more of a community setting where current and potential tenants can chime in and connect?

2. Spread the news that you’ve gone social.

Spread the news that you’ve gone social everywhere…and I mean everywhere. Put social icons and URLS on all print advertisements, welcome packets for new tenants, business cards and even on those signs out front.

3. Photos, photos, photos and more photos.

Photos are a hot commodity in the social media world. Use photos to your advantage! Whether it be an upload of team members to your Facebook page or a Flickr album dedicated to an apartment event then pinned on Pinterest, use any chance you get to snap pictures and share.

4. Be sure to respond.

Once you’ve got your social sites, don’t forget to respond to feedback, especially if people are asking about life at your complex. This is the time to let the apartment community shine.

5. Start a blog.

Your blog can be the place for everything. Whether it be new specials at the apartment complex, highlights of a fun community event or fun decorating tips, the blog can provide you the chance to showcase the community in an easily connectable way.

6. Bring on the help of a social media agency.

If you really want the strategic, savvy insight of an agency who dedicates all of their time and energy to the ways social media ticks for your industry, hiring outside help may be the best option for you. An agency like Agency Entourage can help your company communicate online through social media management and more.

If you’re interested in what an agency can do for your apartment community, see what Agency Entourage, a Dallas marketing firm, can do for you in the realm of social media management by visiting our Capabilities page.

Why do you feel social media is so important for apartment complexes and communities? Let’s discuss!

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