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We know social media has evolved into this online phenomenon that has us checking our smartphones and various social sites on a daily basis. But don’t forget the feedback your social media networks can bring you with social media management offline, too.

Inspired by this PR Daily post by Chris Tompkins, here are three other ways to promote your social media presence offline to, in turn, get more followers and fans online:

1. QR Codes

Although QR codes have created a debate in the social media world on whether they truly work or not, I think they’re a great option for getting people back to your social sites. Plus these days, QR code apps make it extremely simple to take people to a dedicated link. I know I’m a fan! One QR code example that I love is Guinness’ scanable code that appears on a beer glass when it’s full. It’s creative, engaging and requires users, err, drinkers to pour Guinness beer into the glass in order to see the code. They won’t be able to see it unless the glass is full. For your brand or company, you can also use QR codes on business cards that link to your Facebook page or place QR codes in print ads that show up in magazines for a little social media presence offline.

2. Offline Contest/Campaign

Offline, you can create an intriguing and fun contest or campaign with ads that require fans to come back to the Facebook page or Twitter account to see what’s going on. One example of an offline campaign that I really like and thought was done very well is Mike & Ike’s “break up” that urges fans to see what’s happening between the two on Facebook. The entire “dramatic” process has been documented on Facebook and they use their product’s physical packaging as the place to inform their customers of where to turn, which is online and on Facebook.

3. Dedicated Email Blasts

While this isn’t necessarily offline, an email sent to your entire email database that’s solely dedicated to your social media accounts can keep the focus strictly on that. Create an email just for fun or center it around something particular (like Valentine’s Day for Chalkboard China in the example below).

social media management chalkboard china email marketing

If you need help with your social media management both on and offline, check out the capabilities Agency Entourage can provide for you.

What are some other ways you incorporate social media offline? Let’s chat below!

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