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London 2012

Photo from London2012.com

Happy Olympics! It’s finally here, the Opening Ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics. Now, more than ever before, social media management plays a role in how the world connects with the Olympic Games. The London Olympics are being called the first ‘social media Games’.

Already this year, social media management teams for brands have been promoting partnerships with the Olympics Games, interacting with athletes and sharing Olympians’ inspiring stories.

However, also this year, one athlete has been removed from the Greek team because of a tweet deemed racist by the Olympic Committee. Shawn Johnson, a former Olympic athlete, spoke out to Olympians cautioning the athletes to censor themselves via social media.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are sure to continue to have a significant impact in how the 2012 Games are played out. Here are a few of the ways Agency Entourage’s social media management team has already seen:

Facebook has created a special Olympics portal that includes the timeline profiles of the most famous Olympians, links for where to watch the Games, the pages of Olympic partners and more.

On Twitter, Olympic fans can follow their favorite athletes along with the official accounts London 2012, International Olympic Committee and news stations. Each is designed to engage with the audience and offer updates and information about the events.

The Olympic Athlete’s Hub, created by the Olympics Committee, is the most comprehensive resource for connecting with athletes, sponsors and news stations through social media platforms.

The world can now connect with athletes and the Olympic Games on a deeper level than ever before, and brands are jumping in. The P&G Proud Sponsor of Moms campaign is an emotional campaign that has engaged millions.

If your brand is looking for ways to connect with your audience, then the Olympic Games should be a lesson in what works, and what doesn’t. Agency Entourage can help. We have a gold medal in sport of engaging audiences through social media and building our clients a strong and profitable online community. Check out our capabilities for more information.

Stay tuned to the London 2012 Olympic Games. It’s sure to be an exciting couple weeks!

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