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One of the most popular social media platforms used for social media management, Twitter announced a major facelift this morning (including the Facebook-like header photo) on The Today Show and their blog. Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, said the platform has welcomed a new design with a focus on profile pages as well as updating its iPad, iPhone and Android apps.

I’d say Twitter is going right along with everything turning extremely visual on the web. With platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr escalating in popularity, it’s no surprise that Twitter is taking this new direction with an emphasis on a profile image for users to represent themselves.

So you can understand Twitter’s growth throughout the years, check out some of these interesting facts about the platform:

When you’re ready to upload a header photo (which Twitter suggests minimum dimensions of 1252 x 626 pixels and a maximum file size of 5MB), log into your Twitter account, go to your Settings tab, then click Design and then Header. Upload an image and click “Save Changes,” and there you go. Your new Twitter header photo will be up and able to be seen by Twitter users across mobile and the web.

What do you think of the new Twitter design? And, more importantly, what photo will you use for your header photo?

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