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A myriad of  leading  social media resources agree on the existence of  certain  “Facebook personalities” / types of users.

As a business or social media marketing consultant, keep these users in mind when forming a social media strategy:

(Pt. 2 to follow.)









This User…

  • …patrols your page and views its content but never Likes anything, leaves a post or comments  (regardless of their interest level or opinion of content).
  • …might have an underdeveloped Facebook identity or high privacy settings.
  • …’s digital footprint is practically invisible – giving you little room to leverage this audience in your favor. However, if they’re viewing your content you must appeal to them on some level – you just don’t know what.
  • seeks information  (announcements, offers and specials if you have a brick-and-mortar location, or other information about your brand that they deem to be beneficial).


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This User…

  • …likes to be a part of something without having to express a thought, opinion, or reaction by leaving a comment or answering a question.
  • …prefers to interact without, well, having to interact  or face the possibility of criticism from other Facebook   users.
  • …gravitates toward poll questions if your audience is large enough to allow a feeling of anonymity.

  • …likes to be entertained.
  • will even Like bad news.

For example:

 Don’t …

  • …Like your own status, photo or other content you publish. Ever. It’s a sad, non-organic attempt to increase Likes, Reach or some other metric.

By posting a status, for instance, you are already giving your “vote” that it is either likable, interesting, witty, etc. Liking your own content could be perceived as obnoxious. It’s like publicly patting yourself on the back instead of allowing someone else to extend the gesture.








This user…

  • …has a large amount of quality followers.
  • … receives more Likes, comments and messages than they lend out.
  • …understands the proper /socially acceptable balance between interaction, sharing and providing value.
  • …provides feedback that is thoughtful and powerful.
  • …is a Facebook business page’s “golden child.”
  • …is following you because they want to associate themselves with your brand. So provide industry-related news, updates, announcements and other valuable content that they would feel compelled to share for the sake of virality.

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