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How much money is your business burning on unsuccessful advertising?  Sure, it’s nice to see your brand’s logo as the main sponsor of a local event or even in a potential customer’s mailbox (direct mail), but you could be using your marketing budget much more effectively. The problem with these types of marketing tactics is that they can lack the “proof” you need to show management in your monthly marketing meeting.

Some people probably read your brand’s message on the mailer you spent most of your marketing budget on (before they threw it in the trash).  Heck, you might have also received a few calls to the call tracking numbers you distributed to everyone in town too. Wouldn’t it be nice to figure out exactly what makes your customer take action before blowing the budget?

Social media is the best and most affordable way to constantly stay on the top of your target audience’s mind and analyze what “works.” Unlike traditional advertising, social media marketing allows your business to see exactly how effective or ineffective your content is through nearly instant analytical insights.

What type of content makes your audience take action? Social media can be used as a tool to gather valuable information about who your customers are and what type of content they respond the most favorably to. Once you figure out the type of content that works well, you will need to learn how to effectively reach your audience.

With social media it’s easy to see what your customers like and don’t like (no puns intended) and what time their online. Facebook analytics will not only show you exactly how many people engage with a status update, but also the total number of people (your audience and “friends” of audience members) who were “reached” each time your business posts. This is the big difference between a traditional form of content distribution (like direct mail) and social media marketing.

Does social media sound like an intriguing idea for your business? Agency Entourage is a full-service digital marketing agency that can implement and manage a successful social media campaign for your business. Give us a call today at (214) 414-3035. We can’t wait to talk with you about how we can help your business! 

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