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It means a lot to walk into an office and feel completely welcome. The smell of kolaches, or “pigs in a blanket” for you non-southerners, is especially warm and inviting. For a Monday morning, there seems to be nothing but happy smiles and laughter. It’s obvious the people at Agency Entourage love to work with each other, and I can’t wait to be a part of the love. My name is Savannah Collins and I’m Agency Entourage newest Intern

This is my first day at Agency Entourage, my last semester at the University of North Texas, and my first time interning for a small agency. I’m ready to get the ball rolling because after all, this is my last opportunity to experience different positions within advertising before I graduate and commit to one. It feels like I’m at the ball with Prince Charming – no, not referring to anyone in the office – and I’m trying to get to know every side of him before the clock strikes midnight. This really is the best description because, like Cinderella, my life as a college student is coming to an end and it puts me into my ~feels~ (especially thinking about how I’ll be entering the real world this May).

I’m currently living in Denton, Texas while finishing my Bachelor’s degree in advertising with a minor in marketing. I’ve previously had experience at UNT’s student-run advertising agency, SWOOP, as an Account Executive. I live with 24 other girls. No, they’re not my mean stepsisters, but rather my sorority sisters. I’m very involved on campus as well as on social media – like all good industry fanatics. I’m really looking forward to the educational experience Agency Entourage will offer through my internship so I can branch out and learn about other positions that make the advertising world go round.

As I’m learning all the right moves at Agency Entourage, I’ll be sure to do the following: listen with open ears and open eyes, provide positive encouragement, always ask questions, and check the expiration date on all items in the fridge. I can’t wait to start this new adventure and, hopefully, I’ll be leaving a glass slipper behind (as in I never want to leave, I already love working with these people!).

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