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Abby Hebert

Heyoh! My name is Abby Hebert, and I’m a new intern for Agency Entourage. I‘m currently a senior at the University of North Texas. I am working to complete my B.A. in advertising at the Mayborn School of Journalism.

I plan on charming you into believing that I am truly ready to be an adult. My incredible enthusiasm, witty banter, and long locks of hazel hair make me a one-of-a-kind person, but my work ethic, drive, and creativity make me an outstanding employee. While I haven’t quite found exactly which department I fit into best, I imagine the journey will be like finding a new pair of jeans. It will be filled with anxiety and hesitation at first and maybe a few that don’t fit. Then, the magical moment will happen when you slip them on and you know they’re just right. So right that you could change the world or even eat a whole box of donuts…are you charmed yet?

If not, keep reading, and I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

In the small free time that I’m not at school, doing homework, or sitting in traffic on I35, I like to spend time with my friends and family. I watch pretty much anything on Netflix. I also enjoy painting, listening to music and going to concerts.

My favorite TV shows are X-files and Game of Thrones. I listen to mostly Electronic music but I try to keep up with a couple of other genres as well. If you know me at all, you know that I love food, especially Italian. That being said, I do like most food in general. I love trying new restaurants and new types of food. If I won the lottery today, aside from rolling around on a large pile of cash, I would travel the world and taste various foods from different countries.

Not many people know this about me, but I collect coloring books. I collect them because it is where my love of art began. Somewhere deep in my memory is a little snippet of a Christmas long past. Under the tree was a coloring book waiting for me, wrapped and ready to light the artistic fire that I didn’t even know I had. I spent the entire day and most of the night coloring until I fell asleep on the floor. In times of doubt, stress, sadness, or creative block, I take a breath and begin to color. Before I even realize it, I’m a little girl again without a care in the world and a creative fire that burns bright.

As you can probably already tell I was a wild child to say the least. With my broad imagination, big mouth and seemingly endless energy, my parents had their hands full trying to keep me entertained and relatively quiet. My creativity occasionally manifested itself in some rather frustrating ways. When I wasn’t coloring, I would draw on the walls, paint on the carpet, and play with the box instead of the toy that came inside of it. I’m still not sure how they made it through my childhood with their sanity, but I must credit them for helping get to this point in my life. Without their support, I wouldn’t have found such an interesting field to be in. Through their encouragement, I’m unafraid to always be myself and be creative. I’ve found advertising is truly where I belong.

In all seriousness, I’m honored to be a part of this program. I know my time here will help me learn and grow creatively and professionally. I love advertising, so naturally, I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and truly dive into whatever Agency Entourage has in store for me.

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