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Hi I’m Leo, and no, I am not a Leo, I am actually a Virgo. That means I was almost a Leo named Leo. As cool as being a Leo astrologically and by name would be, I am proud of who I am. All astrological things aside, my name is Leonardo Herrera, and I am Agency Entourage’s Spring 2017 Copywriting Intern!

Before we get to what you really want to know about me, here’s a little rundown. I am a Mexican-American named after my hardworking father who is half of the powerhouse duo known to me as my parents. I was born and raised strictly in Fort Worth, Texas with the exception of our double annual adventures to my parent’s homeland, Michoacan, Mexico and it’s surrounding areas.

I am pursuing a degree in Advertising from UNT (with a minor in French). At the moment I am a senior working on my last semester.

A few things to note about me are that I have plants as pets (my oldest is named Florence), I am trilingual (English, Spanish & French) and I am a little nerd. One thing that I nerd about is being a Hufflepuff, those of you familiar with Harry Potter will know what that is.

I like to be passionate about the things I do, and I like working with people who are just as passionate about what they’re working on. That is where advertising came into play.

Choosing a career path was a difficult decision to make. Internally, I have two constant warring states: an analytical side and a creative side. The analytical and logical side of me wanted to do something “practical,” while the creative side of me wanted to major in the arts.

Through my early undergraduate indecision, I came across advertising. Within the semester I was acclimated with the idea that advertising was where I could thrive harmoniously.

Expanding my knowledge and skills in the field eventually led me to copywriting. I didn’t realize how much people desire to hear something that sounds so right. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought writing that speaks to people would be an occupation for me.

After my first day with Agency Entourage, I feel confident I have found a place where I feel comfortable enough to grow until I move on to the next step in my journey. For the time being, I’m excited to put my skills to the test and learn under the guidance of people who are good at what they do.

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